Customizing messages and evolutions in Play, beyond the documentation

Play has a very good forum. Every day a lot of doubts are posted and answered. As a developer who is using Play in almost every project, I follow the forum and I try to help answering as many as questions as I can. Today I bring to the blog two interesting questions that were posted there.

The first question was about how to customize the conversion error in Play. For example, if you have a int field in your class and the user submits a string, for instance, “two”, Play will use a formatter which is responsible for this conversion. If the value is not possible to be converted, a message will be returned. The default message is “Invalid value”.  In order to customize this message you have to override a key defined in Play. = Value is not a integer

But how to find this key? That is the good part!. It is not explained in the documentation and because of the question, I went to the source code and I found the file messages.default which has all pre defined errors keys in Play.

The second question was about how to run evolutions outside of the web application scope. This one was quite interesting, because I already had this wish and I was not capable to find the solution. Reading the forum, I saw a question about this subject and someone answered with the class OfflineEvolutions. So I gave a try and the code worked like a charm!

   object RunMigrations extends App{

      OfflineEvolutions.applyScript(new File("."),this.getClass().getClassLoader(), "default")

Now, in case you have this necessity, you can run your evolutions in a separated task in sbt, for example. Another case is to run the evolutions every time you need to run a integration test. Again, this is not a case explained in the documentation, but based in a question posted in the forum, I had to find a answer and learned a little more.

Once more, thanks for reading!


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